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Welcome to the Blog of Houston's Best Beatles Tribute Band "The Fab 5" who's been performing the hits of The Beatles and The 60s in Texas and the globe for the last 20 years. Not only do we sound like The Beatles, you'll imagine what it felt like to be at a Beatles concert 40 years ago! And yes our "Paul" is left handed playing his original 1963 Hofner Violin Bass (the next one made after Sir Paul's as a matter of fact!). Performing with the exact instruments/amps The Beatles played and wearing recreations of their famous Sgt. Pepper uniforms, a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Fab 5 at The House of Blues

We just finished performing at The House of Blues a few weeks ago for a special concert event! What a great stage and what a sound system! The production staff was top notch and we hope to be back there in the summer time! We even signed "The Fab 5" on the back wall of sold out performances! It was amazing Chuck was able to perform considering he had his appendix removed a few days prior to performance! Raaaaabit.........Rabbit!